Private Villa, Rabat, Morocco

Completed  Concept Design /
owned by  PRIVATE

Sited in the countryside of Morocco, high on the escarpment with far-reaching views to the valley below, the design of this villa starts with an existing layout and transforms it into an imaginative villa that takes advantage of the natural beauty and favourable weather of the locale.

The design approach layers new spaces and elements onto the perimeter of the existing layout, blurring the boundary between the inside and outside, and extending the house into the garden.  An entry courtyard with native olive trees set in a reflective pool draws one inside on arrival.  On the interior, the layout and organization of spaces are altered to a more elegant and practical solution to the clients requirements.  The design of the interiors draws from inspiration from the souks and medinas of Marrakech and Fes, blended with a sophisticated and modern sensibility.

A pair of porches facing the view brings one again outside, creating a series of outdoor spaces for lounging and dining, and immersing one in the landscape.  A large courtyard off an indoor pool work together to create a private oasis, focused on a garden pavilion that anchors the space, blending the rich interiors inspired by the crafts and traditions of Morocco, with the refined stone architecture that references the rugged landscape.

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