The Spa at the 12 Apostles Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

Completed  2011 /
5  STAR /
operated by  The Red Carnation Group /
owned by  The Red Carnation Group

Scope: Interior Architecture & Architecture

7 Treatment Rooms / Health Bar / Aromatherm Room / Floatation Pool

Carved into the rock of Table Mountain, the hot and cold plunge pools are the heart of the 12 Apostles spa, a unique oasis of tranquility.  The design and decor draw from this special location, where Table Mountain meets the ocean.  A light, neutral palette of colours and materials creates a relaxing atmosphere, while focused use of the colour blue, and pearlescent mosaic tiles remind patrons of the close proximity to the ocean.  Rich, floral patterns are layered through the project adding to the spa’s sense of elegance; laser-cut steel sheets announce the spa entry, silk wall paper adorns the walls of the tranquility room, and carved wood medallions hang on the ceilings over the treatment rooms. The design creates a space catering to the spa’s ethos, to embrace the healing energies of the earth, air and water to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

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