Completed  NOT REALISED /
owned by  PRIVATE

Scope: Architecture & Interior Concept Design

6 Keys: Guest Suite Tents / Lounge / Restaurant / Pool / Spa and Gym / Retail Outlet

The guest entry, a pavilion set on a hill with commanding views to the veld and wildlife beyond, dissolves into the landscape with its undulating thatched roof, and its organic footprint.  The building is further broken down and blends with the landscaping with a second smaller thatched roof structure that serves as a porte-cochere, a timber deck facing the view, a boma that creates an outdoor room, and a timber walk that meanders to the river below.

The interior takes as its starting point, the exposed traditional timber and thatched construction, celebrating and transforming it into soaring, poetic spaces.  The interior design and accessories celebrate the local culture, with carved wooden interior detailing, hand-hewn furniture, decorative rope work, and textured fabrics harking back to beadwork and woven blankets.

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