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operated by  Confidential /
owned by  Confidential

Scope: Architecture and Concept Interior Design

56 Keys: Presidential Suites, Executive Suites and Luxury Rooms / All Day Dining / Specialty Restaurant / Pool / Spa and Gym / Cinema / Cigar Bar / Lounge / Conference and Business Centre

“Mayibuye” is a word that is rich in meaning.  Not only has it been entrenched into South African society’s quest for equality and democratic freedom, but it is also specifically linked to the 1963 events at Liliesleaf Farm.

The new hotel at Liliesleaf uses the history of the site as the catalyst for the design with the goal being that the guest be able to understand and feel part of that history.  The new buildings are placed at the perimeter of the site, creating a park in the middle for the existing houses, which were at the centre of the historic struggle for equality in South Africa.  Extensive roof gardens and terraces integrate the buildings into the landscape.

The interiors draw from the exterior architecture with extensive use of natural finishes. These include the feature wall in exposed concrete, the leather upholstered paneling behind the bed, as well as horizontal wooden banding at the entrance lobby and bathroom. These natural finishes provide warmth and interest to the rooms and a pleasing backdrop to the contemporary furniture and fabrics selected.  Fabrics are textured, in a neutral palette and play an important part in the design of the rooms, providing tranquility as well as a sense of well-being and luxury. The furniture selected reflects contemporary South African design and the artwork and objet are sourced from the dynamic South African art world.

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